Future Perspective

Two issues are of primary concern for Sewa Kendra as it views towards its future. First, it should continue to deliver quality service to the leprosy-affected people to help them live a life of health and dignity. To that end, it must continuously improve its health, rehabilitation and empowerment initiatives.

Therefore, the challenge for Sewa Kendra during the days ahead would be to try to establish itself as a centre of excellence in the non-government sector in all aspects of leprosy management in the country. Secondly, based on its long experience, Sewa Kendra also feels the need for building capacities in the rural communities themselves to diagnose and treat leprosy cases early. Since fresh cases of leprosy are sporadically detected in the outreach clinics and skin camps, it is evident that such local capacities would be valuable to treat the leprosy cases at an early stage. Therefore, Sewa Kendra would like to work in partnership with local voluntary organisations and government health posts for contributing to their capacity building to that end.

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